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August 2016 Blog Archive

Two Concerts to Watch Out for on the Fraser Coast

Posted in Local Events at 28 August, 2016

Music brings people together and it does so by bringing in loads of fun as well! In 2017, enjoy two amazing sets of musicians who will be performing at Fraser Coast. Oh What a Night! is a tribute concert to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. It will be h...

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Cool Finds at Fraser Coast

Paddle Out For Whales On Water
Posted in Local Events at 11 August, 2016

Fraser Coast prides itself on it's connection with humpback whales and the ocean. On 11 -20 August 2017, the Hervey Bay Ocean Festival comes to town. With unbelievably fresh local seafood and a whole day of seaside goodness, you'll definitely jump on boar...

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