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Watch some Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Jun 4th 2015 9:09am - By Administrator
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Hervey Bay is one of the best spots in the world to go whale watching. Hervey Bay is one of the migration paths of the magnificent humpback whale. (See our Freedom Package on this site for July & August)

The humpback whale or Megaptera novaeangliae derives its name from the Greek ‘megas’ meaning great and ‘pteron’ a wing. It gets its name from its huge wing-like flippers. The humpback is the fifth largest of the great whales. Adult females can grow up to 15 metres. Adult females are usually slightly longer than males. A mature humpback can weigh up to 40 tonnes, and southern hemisphere humpbacks which we see in Hervey Bay, are generally blackish with a white underbelly and sides. The flipers or pectoral fins often have large barnacles. You can also see tubercles on their head. These are golf ball-sized protuberances. A long coarse hair, which grows from the centre of each tubercle is believed to act as a sensor.  Humpback whales migrate annually from polar feeding grounds to tropical calving and mating areas. On the east coast of Australia, the population migrates up to 10,000 kilometres each year.  Between June and August pods of whales migrate north between June and August to the Great Barrier Reef where they will give birth and mate. Then from August to the end of October, the whales begin returning to the Antarctic and stopping over in Hervey Bay for a long rest before their big journey. This makes Hervy Bay one of the best spots for watching the migration of the great humpback whale.

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